Sunday 26th June Patronal Service
10.45am Service of the Word, followed by an optional holy communion @St Johns 
11.30am   Communion & Coffee @ St John's Hall
Sunday 3rd July Trinity 3
9.15am  Rise & Shine @ St Andrews
10.45am  Morning Prayer @St Johns 
6.00pm    Evensong @St Johns
11.30am   Communion & Coffee @ St John's Hall
Elizabethan Fair Day, June 25th 
Come and support this wonderful town event
Celebration Concert Sunday June 26th 7.30pm
Kevin Ward invites you to a free celebration concert with the Orchestra of St Johns
Church Feedback
We would really like to know how we are doing as a church coming out of lockdown. It would be really helpful if you could complete a short survey to this end. Your feedback is anonymous.
Please follow this link
Prayer List
The prayer list has always been used as a way of enabling the church to pray for each and for those we know in need. This list is made public through this newsletter and also in our church magazine. 
It is important to check that you have permission from the family/ person to place a name on our list. Lists are revised each month.
If you would like to be placed on the list or add a name then please Email the vicar or contact him.  Thank you
St Andrew's Hall Roof
The Exterior roof is now repaired and work starts on the interior roof
Stewards and Sidespersons
Our annual meeting failed to appoint churchwardens. We are looking at appointing Duty wardens to help prepare the church on Sundays and also more sidespersons or stewards to assist the Duty Wardens. If we fail to get enough volunteers then we may have to cancel services at St John's.
If you are interested in being a sidespersons or Steward then please contact Simon Henderson  :  • 07737 453893  
If you are interested in being a duty warden then please contact the vicar
News from the Vicar
My father has passed away, I will be on light duties as I make sense of my loss and try to put his affairs in order. Thank you.
St. John the Baptist:  Baptism  Malcolm Guite
Love’s hidden thread has drawn us to the font,
A wide womb floating on the breath of God,
Feathered with seraph wings, lit with the swift
Lightening of praise, with thunder over-spread,
And under-girded with an unheard song,
Calling through water, fire, darkness, pain,
Calling us to the life for which we long,
Yearning to bring us to our birth again.
Again the breath of God is on the waters
In whose reflecting face our candles shine,
Again he draws from death the sons and daughters
For whom he bid the elements combine.
As living stones around a font today,
Rejoice with those who roll the stone away.
Parish of Bromsgrove
Rayman Khan
Vicar of St Andrew and St. John | Parish of Bromsgrove
phone:   01527 577 172
mobile:   07952 170 840
address: 12 Kidderminster Rd, B61 7JW