GraveTalk logo It’s not easy to think about your own funeral. Talking about death, dying and funerals raises big questions that we need to face at some point, but it’s hard to talk to family and friends.

GraveTalk is a café space, organised by a local church, where people can talk about these big questions. The conversation is helped along by GraveTalk conversation cards – 52 questions covering 5 key areas.

GraveTalk events can take place in a church hall, community centre or even a High Street café. People arriving will be welcomed by the person running the event  – it may be the vicar or someone else from the church – and then invited to sit at tables with three or four others. The GraveTalk cards will be on the tables, and each group picks a question and uses it start a conversation. It doesn’t matter if you only use one question – or work through all of them! The purpose is to talk and listen.

Light refreshments are offered throughout the event, which lasts about an hour, or longer if needed.

David Ford, 11/03/2020