Our Mission and Values

At the heart of our church family is our shared faith in God whose love for us is revealed in Creation, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and through the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is our experience of God’s love of us that inspires us to love others, and that it is through serving others that we come to know "fullness of life”.

We welcome and respect all members of our community, regardless of faith tradition, life experiences, age, gender, sexuality, perspectives on God, Jesus and Christian discipleship. We demonstrate this diversity through our different worship styles and social activities.

Our six church communities share a commitment to:
  • Developing inclusive, all-age Christian communities at each place of worship across the town
  • Actively engaging in many different aspects of community life, seeking to serve our neighbours with love, respect and grace
  • Studying the bible and rooting our lives in prayer
  • Standing in solidarity with all whose lives are blighted by prejudice, discrimination, inequality and poverty
  • Helping all but especially children, young people and families to discover the Christian faith for themselves
  • Developing our buildings as spiritual and community resources for everyone
In all that we are and do, we will seek to honour and love one another, respecting the image of God in all people and seeking to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and seeking to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.