Stories and Poems to encourage you 

Just thinking
I think too much and worry to
Of things I really ought to do
I can’t knit nor can I sew
But hey I ought to have a go
In desperate times I must try out
New skills I hadn’t thought about
Our Church looks grand with flowers growing
And tubs with tulips overflowing
And someone’s taken time to spare
To take some pictures for us to share
So today Ill get my paint set out
And quietly sit and sort it out
Then dip my brush and start with green
And paint the grass to start my scene
Then some yellow for the flowers
(I think that this will take me hours)
Then blue for such a clear sky
Such beauty Lord I want to cry
So, thank you Lord for what you gave
This Holy week so you could save
Such souls like me too blind to see
Of all that you have given me

Creation new creation

Last year my garden got sadly out of hand. The wisteria, which my late husband planted just a year before his death in 2003, had grown to such an extent that it covered nearly three 6’ fence panels, and had grown at least 2’ above them. Over the past 17 years it had bloomed every year so beautifully, with a fantastic scent, that it reminded me so much of David’s aspirations on his retirement, to transform our garden. On my 60th birthday, to continue his vision, I planted a Rowan tree, but that last year got diseased, and began to die off.
Last summer though, the wisteria ceased to blossom. The fence behind it began to come apart, and break under its’ weight. I had to have it dug out and the fence replaced. Sadly, the Rowan tree was also dug out. No longer were there the lovely orange berries, much relished by the birds in the late summer and Autumn.
part from losing the blossom on the wisteria, which hung like heavy, pale blue, upside down candles, the birds would no longer have anywhere to feed as spring began to dawn.
However as the weeks have gone on, and the sun has come out, I have noticed  blue tits again in a tree which overhangs my back fence in the garden opposite, feeding and singing, and playing in its’ branches in the sunshine.  In the boarder beneath where the wisteria had been, hellebores which had been choked by it, have suddenly sprouted, and flowered again. And I thank God for his creation.

In these difficult and sometimes depressing times, we praise you for the goodness and beauty of your creation. We thank you for your timeless renewal of all that you give us for our wellbeing, our physical, and our spiritual nourishment. Let us never forget your boundless generosity and unfailing love for us, in Jesus, name Amen.
(John 12.24 )


And so, it goes on
The 3rd week now of Isolation
An air of sadness across the Nation
Stuck indoors, no friends for tea
Easy to say “It’s just poor me”
But for minute just let’s take stock
The NHS work round the Clock
We get our food and we are served
By girls on tills our thanks deserved
Farmers, Drivers, Men in lorries
All able us to fill our trollies
We stocked to much, so food was scarce
Some went without the worst nightmare
So, if like me you can’t go out
Do stuff at home to help folk out
Make scrubs or masks for NHS
So, they can work with far less stress
Ge some wool and start some knitting
Better for you than simply sitting
Phone a friend or even better
Get some paper and write a letter
Or paint or crayon so much to choose
Do it now don’t get the blues
It’s easy if you are feeling down
And not to smile just wear a frown
So today again I’ll make that start
Lord I thank you from my Heart


It’s Ok
When people say how are you and we say ok
Well today I’ve been thinking it’s not always the way
It’s ok to be upset and ok to be sad
The things in the news, well they are really bad
We try (well I know I do) to think of the good
And be thankful, like many as I know I should
But just for a moment well just let it out
I’m sure God won’t mind if we all have a shout
And say this is awful, and what can we do
We ask you in earnest just give us a clue
Is it ok to rant about all who are dying?
Is it ok to rant for all who are crying?
Is it ok to rant about the folk on their own?
Who perhaps who have no-one to pick up the phone?
Well God my rants over and I hope you forgive
Because I know you are seeing the way that we live
You are always there for us as much as a friend
Now in the future and right at the end

Inspiration by Judith Rowe
An air of stillness over cities and towns
No one’s about,” don’t bring out the clowns”
No laughter of Children and no Face to Face
So totally strange to our usual Rat Race
Most of the buildings lie empty, forlorn
But not in our hospitals where they work dusk till dawn
Our Doctors and Nurses are working full pace
Tending the ill and the dying all over the place
So, let us all pause from Woman to Man
And love one another as this was God’s plan
Now is the time to love not to hate
To turn back the tide, before it’s too late
And when this is over, how long that may be
We meet up with each other, and be able to see
The look on the faces of all that we meet
Of a future before us each with a blank sheet
To start off together with hope in our heart
That we have come through this, so let’s make a new start


Corona virus by Judith Rowe
C     Coming together as Christians
O    Openness with each other
R    Reflect on what’s happening
O   Offering to help
N Needing Gods Love
A Applying ourselves to different needs
V Vigilant in our Daily Lives
I In this together
R Reaching out to the Needy
U United we stand
S Staying in touch


Your truth shines bright Lord, dazzling
Chasing away the shadows of my hesitation
Stands stark, confronts me in uncomfortable clarity
And what you ask highlights the gap between the wish and the reality


My son explaining to my autistic granddaughter that they can no longer visit the shops... they only ever go to 2 shops WH Smith and then a visit to McDonalds a regular weekly treat.

Imogen says to her Dad "that's sad I will miss my friend"

Her Dad said "Who is your friend"

Imogen replied "Mr McFlurry" (The Ice Cream)

I am going to keep this in mind when I can't get something I consider important to me. 

David Ford, 24/03/2020