Prayers and Poems to encourage you 

Finishing touches
AS lots of restrictions are finally lifted,
12 weeks of lock down have finally shifted
We will now be able to go out and meet
A friend for a coffee in a park on a seat
Or maybe even a trip to the zoo
Or walk round a garden whatever suits you
But a feeling of tension is still all around
We do not feel safe until a vaccine is found
But yes, we must go out or suffer some more
As our mental well being will just hit the floor
At the beginning of this year we sang, and we cheered
And let in the New Year, no virus we feared
But then when it hit, and people were dying
We woke up and found that science wasn’t lying
I have seen in the 12 weeks my own life unfold
My hip operation was then put on hold
So I struggle daily to adapt a new way
To still enjoy my life in an unusual way
Just a short trip out daily a quiet gentle walk
And social distance with others if we stop for a talk
Our latest great grandson was born in lock down
We so want to meet him and see how he’s grown
Our elderly dog was taken quet ill
At 16 his life went slowly down hill
So, he now has gone to a far better place
And we now adjust to an empty sad space
But along with the sadness the lockdown as shown
How we can cope with more time spent alone
Perhaps we had all led a far faster life
And now can feel free from that way of life
As for myself my poems will now end
But I will collate them and give to a friend
Who as agreed that she will then look
And maybe my poetry will be in a book
The end


Slowly coming out of Lockdown
12 weeks of Lock Down as sure got us down
No more having coffee or a trip into town
We have painted our house our talents unfurled
Gardens to show off to our own Gardeners world
We have looked out old recipes and found things to cook
Which up until now stayed in Delia’s book
But now we have freedom and we venture out more
But all our old places attract so many more
We walk the canals with our small haversack
And jump out the way beware joggers” OnTrack”
We look out and try to find our favourite spot
And nibble our biscuit because that’s all we have got
But laid out before us are picnics galore
And people out partying like never before
Our favourite old beauty spots have been overtaken
By intruders who are not even our generation
We tiptoe through crowds who are enjoying the sun
Who think they are in Benidorm and not good old Brum?
If they are all one family, they are terribly large
As they frolic about and no-ones in charge
So, us two old grumpies at last find a spot
And stick out like sore thumbs what a nerve we have got
Should not we be at home that is where we belong
This mixing with others we have got it so wrong
So back home we go and ring our friend Doris
And tell her to stay in until thumbs up from Boris


Nearing the end of Lockdown
As the Lock Down starts to ease, and many shops start opening
Let’s reflect on what has happened and how we have been coping
For me, my life has changed a lot as I have discovered who I am
I feel that in the past my life has been a sham
But the good thing is I aim to try and make a better start
By hanging on to what is good and letting God into my heart
I love the Lord and always have and tried to do the best
But these past few weeks put my faith quite strongly to the test
I have lost sight of other folk who are worse off than me
And centred solely on those close and not see what others see
I have adhered to all the rules of going out each day
The daily walk which is allowed has let me quietly pray
The quietness has also taught me to look at others strife
And what I can do when lockdown ends to give them a better life
Jesus taught us how to live and treat everyone the same
Not thinking if your life’s not right someone else must take the blame
So, help me through this lock down to concentrate on giving
And hope some tiny steps will make another life worth living.


Hang on a minute
As some of the lockdown measures are eased
Most of the public are really quite pleased
But hang on a minute does this really mean
We pack out our beaches then leave them unclean
We up sticks and go when we have all had enough
And then leave the locals to clean up our stuff
Or perhaps we will go to the hills when its drier
And then have a barbeque which creates a hill fire
Just let us stop and think of the frustration
Felt by the people in total isolation
No great outdoors or maybe meet up with a friend
To some of these people the sadness won’t end
So, come on and let all of us take one step a time
And wait till this virus has run out of time
And then all the country can finally get out
And feel safe to mix with the people about
We all must be wise and be kind to others
And not be too selfish to our sisters and brothers
This virus will be in our lives evermore
So, it is down to all of us to be really sure
That when we go out, we follow the rules
And try to be sensible and not act like fools
The health and wellbeing and how we behave
Will help fellow beings to not be afraid
So yes, let us go out but behave with good style
We have all been in Lock down for such a long while
But not crowd the beaches or a beautiful place, and keep our world safe for the whole human race


The smells that tickle our taste buds
Do you often walk along and suddenly in the air,
A smell evokes your senses and takes you back somewhere
I have to say my all time great is the smell of fish and chips
It does not matter where I am, I begin to smack my lips
The favourite shop in all the world to get that special wham
Is when you walk the harbourside in my favourite place Brixham
We always go inside this shop to eat our favourite treat
And if we are the first inline can grab a window seat
You get a pensioner special which includes a cup of tea
What better place to eat and drink whilst looking out at sea
But so many smells arouse our thoughts and take us to a place
The smell of sun cream on your skin with the sun upon your face
Can take you back to some far place where memories to this day
Come straight away back into mind of some favourite holiday
And what about all-time great of the first drink of the day
Tea or coffee orange juice with our taste buds they do play
I thought of this not along ago as I sat with my first drink
It just awakes you and gives you the start and enable you to think
It clears your mind and gives you strength to face another day
Instead of thinking to yourself in bed I think I will stay
So, thank you Lord for giving us this wonderful sense of smell
And sorrow for the ones who never get the chance to tell
They have smelt the dew upon the grass or the perfume of their mothers
I will appreciate what I have got which is denied to others.


Getting back to normal after lockdown
Do you think that Lock Down had been planned to calm and redress
The damage to our selves our world we were in quite a mess
Every aspect of our lives we were always on the go
Not enough hours in the day but can’t wait until tomorrow
Suddenly we found ourselves living a totally different life
And after a time became quite used to far less woe and strife
Our cities and our towns once filled with people rushing everywhere
Not often looking from their phones let alone come up for air
And now of course some work from home and the commute they do not face
If asked I expect they would say “please keep this work in place”
I expect they see there families more and have more time to play
With any children that they have found more hours in the day
And older folk who have often felt I really must do more
And join as many clubs and Gyms must think whatever for
Because having had the last few weeks has given us more space
I think it will have changed our thought about the human race
Communities have come together like we have never seen before
The young and old the fit and frail have helped more and more
Inborn in all of us I think we have a desire to want to please
To help each other when we can, fills a space and gives us peace
We will in time return to some I suppose normality
But hope that what we have all gone through will also set us free
From trying too take on too much work, or afraid to say just no
And today say can I miss this out as I am feeling rather low
Lord help us and beside us be, and guide us to normality

What we have missed during Lockdown
The last time we all sat down was on my daughter’s special day
We travelled to the Clee Hills which was not too far away
Alison my daughter had made a special tea
I took along a veggie lasagne which is my speciality
We waited for the family to arrive so we could all then eat
And with wine and cake all set out it looked a rare old treat
Bur someone didn’t come that day, just a phone call “On our Way
But carry without us as there may be some delay”
We ate our tea they did not come more anxious we became
We tried to phone but no reply instead just leave your name
We knew that something had gone wrong whilst we looked at one another
Then early in the morning wow our daughter was a grandmother
Sammie’s baby would not wait he wanted to be around
8 weeks in fact till his due date and only just 4LB
And then the lockdown began and so no-one on the Ward
Ben was allowed but on his own so tiny Thank you Lord
Little Oscar has come on and is now 11 weeks old
We have not seen him yet, and yes, we all just want a hold
But we have stuck to all the rules that have been put in place
No wanting to expose him to a danger face to face
We know in time when lockdown ends this baby, we shall see
But first, we stay away for this little one’s safety xx


I think when Lock Down first began, and told to stay indoors
It opened a chance for most of us to catch up on some chores
But week by week as this goes on, we begin to get frustrated
Mothers Fathers young and old soon can be agitated
Young children need to run around and play with their best friend
And old folk too just need know when will this Lock Down end
We have no day trips to go on or even Coach trips out
Schools and Nurseries all closed all children missing out
I hear of even small ones now who throw their toys away
Who lash out at the ones they love for not getting their own way
They want to visit Grandma because she understands their needs
They want to sit on Grandpa’s lap and a story he can read
And older folk want to meet up with family at their place
Not on the Phone or Face Book time but talk just face to face
We see some folk who appear to us not to give care
And do what they want but for us to judge well that is not really fair
If in a high rise flat, you live, and you feel worse off than most
Would you not go off with a friend to walk along the coast
We should not judge we should not snitch on people we don’t know
Behind closed doors some of these folks live a life we will never know
So, for the time and if you can yes just follow all the rules
And hope the time is not far of when kids can go to school
Because for some they really dread the start of each new day
And if we know much better times, for these people we should pray


Being Judgemental or the Prodigal Son
This poem is based on true facts from within my own family
How often do we look amazed if someone just walks by
Whose looks and style are rather loud, and you just wonder why
Well I probably know a lot than more because we are rather strange
In dress and style and hair colour we cover quite a range
Why do we want to stand out more when some of us are shy?
It hides a lot of worries and I will try and tell you why
You can always feel the odd one out even in your family
You often question you own self is the problem really me
You can be 6ft 2” in height and all who look at you
Would wonder why this young man so often feels so blue
Ok he’s got the tattoo’s and the piercings by the score
And would never discuss his reasons why he always needs some more
And during this Long Lockdown the hours spent on the phone
Are to his Mom whose miles away and she just wants him home
And when the phone goes down, he drinks and spends most time in bed
While is Mother all those miles away keeps worrying that he is dead
So, when this man (he is 24 )can be alone no more
He cycles miles and then gets lost and knocks on any door
Of course, they turn him straight away what on earth does he look like
Tattooed, pierced and out at night just on his tatty bike
His Mother makes her mind up, no more will he just roam
And sends another relative to fetch this young man home
All the family are delighted but he doesn’t want a fuss
He’s got his image to protect does not want to be a Wuss
I phoned to find out how he was and thanked God that he was safe
And when and if you see this lad, a judgement do not make.


Do you think one day our lives will go back to pre-Corona Virus
When we could talk and think about of things that do not scare us
Every day we need to know and want to find out more
But Media, Papers just seem to me each other to point score
We need to have some normal talk and hear of pleasant things
Of people being happy and all the joy that brings
The sound of people laughing, and not all doom and gloom
Where we can all sit down together and not in a separate room
And will we ever go outdoors and not have to be apart
When people walking close to us into the hedge, we dart
Or going round the local shop and stop to have a chat
Instead of covered mouths (can we soon put pay to that)
And will we finally have the day when we can give a hug
And not be frightened that we will catch this awful bug
And families can meet up once more instead of on the phone
And meet the people who sadly are living on their own
We hope to find a cure one day where no-one gets this virus
And babies coming into this world will never know this crisis
The mental strain this virus has put on for lots of us
You only see the outside face as you don’t want too much fuss
The strain of trying to be strong sometimes is hard to bear
To carry on with life and appear to have no care
But Young and old do often feel that they are in a fog
And inner thought can soon take hold that awful name Black Dog
I know of people close to me who suffer but feel shame
That they can’t cope seems a weakness they won’t claim
So once this virus petered out It may not go away
I hope these folks can tell the world just why their lives seem grey


View from a bench
Today I set out on my usual daily walk
We Walk along just quietly, there is no need to talk
It is surprising when you walk a lot you set yourself a pace
And who ever walks along with you realize this is not a race
You walk along occasionally, then stopping to admire
Today we stopped abruptly to admire St Michaels Spire
This is a walk we take most day and walk just quietly through
Looking at the names on graves sone ancient and some new
A few benches are scattered round some shaded, some in Sun
Quiet unexpectedly I felt the urge to sit on one.
My poor old hip was very sore. And I was leaning on my stick
Thinking to myself the best one I could pick
But I did not really get that choice has my hip just gave away
And to the nearest bench I went and guessed I would have to stay
So, my better half then said to me ! I need to fetch the Car”
The state you are in we won’t get home and to walk it is too far
So off he went to get the car, and on the bench, I duly sat
Just watching people going by, and occasionally we would chat
Of course, we are very careful now, to close would never do
But sitting chatting in the sun is a pleasant thing to do
I saw so many people pass some do not want to talk
But so many folks include a church into their daily walk
I think with all that is going on, we look for somewhere safe
And churches everywhere just seem to fill that often empty space
With closure now it is a shame you cannot sit inside
But the beauty of these buildings is difficult to hide
All though you might not go to Church or even have a faith
At times like this you need to sit and feel you are somewhere safe
So, from my bench with my poor hip I watched as people passed
And thought the Covid 19  for ever it wont last
This lovely Church and others more will open their doors wide
And welcome weary travellers in please enter “Come Inside”


Of course, I believe
Often, I have been asked, “why are you sure that God exists”
And the first thought that comes to mind in their life what have they missed?
To start with, that we are here must answer the one main question
Or otherwise explain to me what would then be your suggestion
Just look around especially now when life for once is slow
Just ask your self “those lovely flowers from a seed how did they grow?
The sea the sand the plants and trees the ground beneath your feet
Without our God the world around would not be so complete
I also think deep down inside most people really know
That in his image we all are made, to enable us to grow
And then his only Son our Lord came down to meet his people
And mystified all those he met with miracle after miracle
A humble man in his short life he transformed so many lives
Many more who would have died he helped them to survive
And because some people could not stand a man to be so good
They mocked and jeered and finally nailed him on a piece of wood
But this brave man until the end whilst hanging from the Cross
Spoke to his Mother Mary who sat grieving for her loss
And then the crowd around him so scared but kept on booing
“My Father please forgive them for they know not what they are doing”
Over 2000 years have since then passed and here we are today
However scared that you may be To God you still can pray
Just talk to him explain you fears, and why you feel so low
Quietly in your ear he will say “This is the path to follow”


Perils of cycling
Since Boris bravely said to us, we are lifting some Lock Down
People in this country have really gone to town
He told us all that if we could to try and use a bike
Sounds good so far, what is there not to like
So, cycling shops just everywhere have really gone to town
A bike of any size they make, not to let the country down
However, in these Fatal words one thing he did not tell
Before you even venture out just get your bike a bell
Its no-good thundering down some path with the family all in tow
The people strolling down the lane just really ought to know
If the timings right, it is not too bad to jump into the gutter
But if you cycle right between them, bad words they surely utter
Ramblers with their stout boots on are often quite a sight
And often brandish walking sticks when Their right of Ways not right
Cows and sheep wild horses very often stray
Into the paths of ramblers (I am sure they rue the day)
But close to home does Boris mean if you want to get to get about
Just dust down your old Raleigh (last time used in the Black Out)
And on the busy city Roads with bricks upon your back
You arrive at Barratts building Site to get housing back on track
Or if you are a plumber you really need to think
Not wise on the M6 you know whist carrying a sink
And all these lovely fun days out think about the time it takes
Cyclist blocking up the roads just heading for the Lakes
And then they do not want anyone until the virus goes
So, turn around around and cycle back and reveal your latest woes.
So, I think the best advice to all, Lycra shorts? just send them back, Then practice in the garden, until you have got the knack


Feeling uneasy
Will we ever reach a point when we will feel ok?
It certainly wasn’t yesterday, nor very much today
You hear the news and then they say the worst recession we’ve had
But going out and risking lives that would be really bad
But no, we must get back to work, we need to keep things going
But stepping out the big unknown our fear must keep on showing
So how do we take that first big step and get back on the train
Will it be just like before, pressed tight was such a pain
And even more now we all fear, that we might catch the virus
Will it be me or the chap sat down, or maybe even all of us
Some say we all must wear a mask, while others say don’t bother
If someone coughs or blows their nose do, we then run for cover
The virus that we face today is such an unknow source
You never know do you go out, or let its run its course
So many people on there own are desperate to go out
To meet with friends there one desire, but will their family shout
“You know you are over 70, and have been told you must stay in”
But sit in a friend’s garden is it really such a sin
To hug a Son a daughter a mum or just a friend
The lack of social contact will drive us round the bend
If you decide you will take that risk, then you must take the blame
But not be harsh on those who say, well I don’t feel the same
Because this virus will keep spreading it will not go away
So how you decide what is right for you and that’s the price you’ll pay!!


Lockdown update
9 weeks in and now we are told some measures would be lifted
It is all because the Virus threat somehow has finally shifted
The good news is that our death rate is finally going down
But stay alert we all must do to keep these figures down
So maybe we can now go out just more than once a day
Meet up with daughter maybe son but stay 6 foot away
Those people going back to work must try to walk or ride a bike
Which isn’t easy if from memory was on your 3 wheeled trike
Across the country perhaps we will see more couples riding tandems
Whilst arguing who is pedalling most, could lead to bikes abandoned
We must ensure to wear a mask if we do venture out
Remember though when you are muffled you really need to shout
So, let us all embrace these moves whilst trying to stay safe
Get more to normal living tiny steps we all must make
Let us get our Country moving, and hope for better times
And hear the Church Bells ring once more (even if it’s just one chime)
Look forward to the time once more when with our families meet
Catch up with friends and have a drink, shared meals we all can eat
It won’t be easy when we start, we will probably be afraid
But if we all stick to the rules, mistakes should not be made
It may be weeks or even months but will not be forever
And look forward to the better times when we are all together

75 years ago, today
 the sound of bombing went away
Thousands of troops began to retreat
as Germany knew that they were beat
Thousands died in that World War,
 we will never know the final score
Soldiers lying in unmarked graves
who died for us, so we were saved
Many families lost their loved ones
Shot left to die by enemy guns
Soldiers captured and put to work
Beaten to death if they did shirk
Others loaded just like cattle
To camps, and lost their final battle
Back at home families waited
And see the telegram they hated
Killed in action, maybe missing
All hope gone but still just wishing
The day when peace will come at last
Put all this horror in the past
Just celebrate when they come back
So thankful for our loved ones back
So, they danced and sang just everywhere
Partied long without a care
We vowed that day on May 8th
That Britain would again be great
We would rebuild our lives and towns
And smile relief, no furrowed frowns
And so, in this year 2020
Our lives may seem a little empty
We are at war against an enemy
Not seen by us but striking many
People ill and people crying
The Virus attacks with people dying
To stop this Virus in its tracks
We really need to watch our backs
So, stay indoors it may be weeks
Until this unknown virus peaks
Yes, it is boring, and can be sad
But reflect on what we have’s not bad
Remember our ancestors 6 long years
Were separated with countless fears
No phone to ring, maybe a letter
They rallied round and made things better
They had so little but shared it round
And in there shelters underground
They spent there nights while bombs kept dropping
But in the morning never stopping
Just carried on with hope anew
The ray of hope just got them through
So, as we remember VE Day
We pray this Virus to go away
But until we know, without a doubt
We think of others PLEASE DON’T GO OUT

Today I need to think about
How the past few weeks have gone
8 weeks of isolation
Really has not been much fun
The days just seem to follow on
The same time spent all day
The need to find an interest
To take the blues away
But not everything in Lockdown
As really been all bad
We have had lots of sunshine
For which I am glad
I have a lovely garden
Where I sit out with my tea
And think about so many more
Who have far less than me
But somehow this much quieter life
As made me stop and think
The pollution that man has made
Has left us on the brink
Our seas are clogged with unknown waste
Our skies polluted too
We need to be reminded that
These are not the things to do.
So perhaps before we all go back
As return to work we must
Our economy does need lifting up
Otherwise we will go bust
But we mustn’t now slip into
Our former way of life
A cleaner way we must adhere
To stop much further strife
Lets just begin by travelling less
To make a cleaner air
And not go back to wanting more
And make the world more fair
I imagine when in years to come
New families will give birth
And let this generation know
We almost killed Gods Earth


Each day a daily briefing
Is held by our MP’s
To let us know just what has brought
 Our country to its knees
The figures keep on rising
And deaths just getting higher
Nothing to inspire us
And everything is dire
We older folk are told to stay
Keep safe, and stay and stay indoors
But even over 70’s
Have a go button not just pause
How much longer can we stay
And not see family
Or ask a friend just to come round
And have a cup of tea
I know the reason is quite sound
And does make sense to me
But just sometimes to step outside
Would be wonderful for me
To smell the grass oh what joy
That has just been newly cut
And hear the bird song loudly
And not feel in such a rut
And gently stroll along the road
And see my neighbours out
And have a little talk with them
Is what life is all about
A lovely smile on someone’s face
Can so light up my day
The sound of children laughing
AS they continue with their play
So hopefully the day will dawn
When us oldies without doubt
Will feel the sun upon our Face
And say Thank God we can come out


This Lock Down never seems to end
It has been going on for weeks
It is important that we stay indoors
Until the virus peaks
But if you are alone and sad
And no-one talks to you
It is hard to join a group chat in
If you have no PC
It is the same for mundane things in life
Time and time when you just ring
A recorded voice tells you again
That no-one is answering
Just go online the voice goes on
And type in our web page data
You now can pay all your bills
There is no need for paper
Again, you ring the Doctor
“Use option one to 9
Or go onto our website
And book yourself online”
I only need some extra pills
My prescription has run out
Not hearing you a voice says back
Go back and sort it out
Listen carefully you are told
Press a number then the hash
I do not know what a hash key is
Someone’s head I want to bash
So being on your own is bad
No-one can give advice
Where do I go when feeling ill?
To speak to someone nice
And if I think I will order that
From the paper that I read
Just log on to our website
And order what you need
So, spare a thought you IT Folk
For us who live alone
And need to sometimes hear a voice
Because we only have a phone.


Darling buds of May
Today the 1st of May we start
And the proverb comes about
Being told “neer  cast a clout
Till the month of may be out.
But was it at the end of May
Or the Blossom on the tree
Whichever version you believe
The Blossom is for me
I have heard to bring it in the house
Can sometimes bring bad luck
But blossom in a bride’s bouquet
Surely that must be Good Luck
A lot of things we say today
Date back from long ago
But wise they were with words so clear
So sensible to know
So, when I see the buds of May
Upon my daily walk
I will think about these quotes of old
Which still we all do talk
Today will be not quite the same
As lock down still goes on
But if you can go for a walk
See what you come upon
We found cowslips in the hedge
And forget me nots galore
And May upon the Tree of course
We could not ask for me
Some days in Lockdown can be bad
When everything seems black
And we wish and pray to God please
Give us our old lives back
But for us to keep the future safe
And it certainly can be glum
We must consider, and preserve this world
For generations yet to come

A Shining Light
Throughout these days of Lock Down
There has been one shining light
Of course, I mean our Captain Tom
Who set out with one clear sight
A hundred laps he set himself
To raise one thousand pound
To help our brilliant NHS
And spread morale around
The amazing thing about out Tom
His age was 99
He did not even stop to say
I can’t do this, instead said I am fine
So soon the word spread round the world
Of the great goal he had set
The general public dug in deep
And soon his target met
But no, it did not end just there
More money kept on coming
Singers, stars, around the world
For Tom they kept on Gunning
He made a song with Michael Ball
You’ll Never walk alone”
And still the money kept pouring in.
By Text and mail and phone
AS he approached his 100th year
The money reached 5 million
And now today is Birthday date
That amount is £30 million
So, when this virus finally goes
One thing that will impress
The courage of the resilient man
Who saved the NHS


Cloudy Days
Dear Lord, some days I do awake
Bad thought inside my head
And feel the need to ask you Lord
Where can I lay my head
The smile upon my face sometimes
Its just pretence not real
But to afraid to tell someone
Exactly how I feel
I want to know how others cope
When something makes them sad
Do they like me put on a smile?
While deep inside feel bad
I do what I have always done
Pick myself back up again
Some thought can go back in a box
The ones that bring back pain
It only takes a chance remark
To take me to a place
Of darkness pain and suffering
Which I can barely face
Thank Goodness Lord that I have you
To offload all my pain
And thank you Lord your arms
Of love
Won’t take me back again

All things bright and Beautiful
As usual today Lord
I had my daily walk
Its at these times I find
Myself to you I easily talk
The stillness during lockdown
Has made life so much clearer
The beauty of the Countryside
Somehow, I feel you nearer
Now I find I look at more
Some flowers I would ignore
 Dandelions with bright yellow heads
Dear Lord, you made them all
The buttercups and daisy too
I have sometimes overlooked
And only noticed bigger blooms
That somehow overtook
The beauty of each flower you made
The beauty of the sky
The beauty of the lush green grass
Such beauty makes me cry
The bluebells in the graveyard
The smell so overpowering
Forget me knots so beautiful
Oh Lord such beauty flowering
The tiny lambs just newly born
Bleat by their Mothers side
Mother Nature at its best
On you we have relied
I stop and take this beauty in
And then walk on some more
I feel your breath upon my face
But still I yearn for more
If each day I can go out
If only for an hour
I will appreciate more lord
Each tree each weed each flower.

Inner Peace
When the virus first began
And we started isolation
I thought at first that not too bad
And looked for consolation
I found it first just looking out
At the Spring Flowers just in bloom
The birds were singing merrily
All this from my front room
We walked each day just for one hour
Back home a cup of tea
Perhaps I’lll make a cake today
No Rush just wait and see
And so, the days turned into weeks
And more days spent inside
Started to weigh me down a bit
These feelings hard to hide
I thought I shouldn’t feel like this
There are far worse off than me
I am not alone in just a room
With no real company
The anxious thought inside my head
Then started to retreat
I though this way of life although not right
Is something hard to beat
It is what I’ve wanted for a while
But never found the time
To sit and take in all I have
God given to all Man Kind
So now a sort of Inner Peace
As settled deep inside
I pray this virus will soon go
We can somehow turn the tide
And perhaps when this is over
A new way of life will start
For all of us and not just me
Each with a bigger heart


Lost for words
It really is not often Lord
That words are hard to say
You know I chatter all the time
Quite often all the day
I really want to tell you Lord
Of good things in my life
But feel afraid to do so
Amidst all this awful strife
Perhaps that is the problem
I want to take the strain
I feel I need to help someone
And bear some of their pain
I miss my friends and family
AS thousands of us do
I want to hug and feel them close
And know they are close to you close
We Face time, Zoom and on the phone
We speak and stay in touch
And for that I do thank you Lord
You have given me so much
I pray for all the people Lord
Who are really on their own
Who haven’t got what I have got
And often sit alone
Lord without you in my Life
Goodness knows where I would be
But in my darkest hours Lord
You have sat right close to me
And this is what we need right now
Your arms around us all
While we balance on this abyss
You will not let us fall.
When the world died
A new year began we raised a glass
Not knowing then what was to pass
Some news came through about a virus
Nothing then which would surprise us
Then we heard this virus spreading
Into our country which we were dreading
But still we carried on as normal
 Stiff upper lip let’s keep it formal
Off to works by bus or train
Coughing sneezing what a pain
Get back home with aches and pains
Coughing badly, we racked our brains
Had we got this dreaded virus
Surely not our boss will fire us
But then we couldn’t move a limb
Our coughing racked from right within
We lay in bed and could not move
Away from friends no one to soothe
Hospital packed from floor to ceiling
Of patients ill, the Nurses reeling
Never witnessed this before
As more and more came through the door
Thousands dying on their own
While loved one waited by the phone
In every corner in our world
The same old virus became unfurled
By then we all were made to stay
Same old routine every day
Not allowed to go outdoors
We stayed inside and locked our doors
WE watched the news more people dying
And every day we sat there crying
We prayed to God that this would end
And promised him we make amends
To undo all the damage done
By mans desire this world to run
So, when all this as gone away
Let’s settle down and turn away
From all the bad things going on
And follow the path of your dear Son.

 Easter Day
No time to celebrate this Easter Day
Until this virus goes away
Our Lord has risen in pain no more
He gently knocks on heaven’s door
But we’re indoors and quite afraid
 But thankful for the sacrifice he has made
He died for us, we want to sing
An Hallelujah to our King
But no we sit and pray alone
No Church today we stay at home
But do we really need a place
To give our thanks for your good grace
We miss our church we really do
But anywhere today will do
We quietly sit and wonder how
The empty tomb you left somehow,
No one believed you on that day
You said you’d never go away
But rise and leave in all your glory
And create the everlasting storyEaster Day
No time to celebrate this Easter Day
Until this virus goes away
Our Lord has risen in pain no more
He gently knocks on heaven’s door
But we’re indoors and quite afraid
 But thankful for the sacrifice he has made
He died for us, we want to sing
An Hallelujah to our King
But no we sit and pray alone
No Church today we stay at home
But do we really need a place
To give our thanks for your good grace
We miss our church we really do
But anywhere today will do
We quietly sit and wonder how
The empty tomb you left somehow,
No one believed you on that day
You said you’d never go away
But rise and leave in all your glory
And create the everlasting story
Easter Day
No time to celebrate this Easter Day
Until this virus goes away
Our Lord has risen in pain no more
He gently knocks on heaven’s door
But we’re indoors and quite afraid
 But thankful for the sacrifice he has made
He died for us, we want to sing
An Hallelujah to our King
But no we sit and pray alone
No Church today we stay at home
But do we really need a place
To give our thanks for your good grace
We miss our church we really do
But anywhere today will do
We quietly sit and wonder how
The empty tomb you left somehow,
No one believed you on that day
You said you’d never go away
But rise and leave in all your glory
And create the everlasting story

Just thinking
I think too much and worry to
Of things I really ought to do
I can’t knit nor can I sew
But hey I ought to have a go
In desperate times I must try out
New skills I hadn’t thought about
Our Church looks grand with flowers growing
And tubs with tulips overflowing
And someone’s taken time to spare
To take some pictures for us to share
So today Ill get my paint set out
And quietly sit and sort it out
Then dip my brush and start with green
And paint the grass to start my scene
Then some yellow for the flowers
(I think that this will take me hours)
Then blue for such a clear sky
Such beauty Lord I want to cry
So, thank you Lord for what you gave
This Holy week so you could save
Such souls like me too blind to see
Of all that you have given me

Creation new creation

Last year my garden got sadly out of hand. The wisteria, which my late husband planted just a year before his death in 2003, had grown to such an extent that it covered nearly three 6’ fence panels, and had grown at least 2’ above them. Over the past 17 years it had bloomed every year so beautifully, with a fantastic scent, that it reminded me so much of David’s aspirations on his retirement, to transform our garden. On my 60th birthday, to continue his vision, I planted a Rowan tree, but that last year got diseased, and began to die off.
Last summer though, the wisteria ceased to blossom. The fence behind it began to come apart, and break under its’ weight. I had to have it dug out and the fence replaced. Sadly, the Rowan tree was also dug out. No longer were there the lovely orange berries, much relished by the birds in the late summer and Autumn.
part from losing the blossom on the wisteria, which hung like heavy, pale blue, upside down candles, the birds would no longer have anywhere to feed as spring began to dawn.
However as the weeks have gone on, and the sun has come out, I have noticed  blue tits again in a tree which overhangs my back fence in the garden opposite, feeding and singing, and playing in its’ branches in the sunshine.  In the boarder beneath where the wisteria had been, hellebores which had been choked by it, have suddenly sprouted, and flowered again. And I thank God for his creation.

In these difficult and sometimes depressing times, we praise you for the goodness and beauty of your creation. We thank you for your timeless renewal of all that you give us for our wellbeing, our physical, and our spiritual nourishment. Let us never forget your boundless generosity and unfailing love for us, in Jesus, name Amen.
(John 12.24 )


And so, it goes on
The 3rd week now of Isolation
An air of sadness across the Nation
Stuck indoors, no friends for tea
Easy to say “It’s just poor me”
But for minute just let’s take stock
The NHS work round the Clock
We get our food and we are served
By girls on tills our thanks deserved
Farmers, Drivers, Men in lorries
All able us to fill our trollies
We stocked to much, so food was scarce
Some went without the worst nightmare
So, if like me you can’t go out
Do stuff at home to help folk out
Make scrubs or masks for NHS
So, they can work with far less stress
Ge some wool and start some knitting
Better for you than simply sitting
Phone a friend or even better
Get some paper and write a letter
Or paint or crayon so much to choose
Do it now don’t get the blues
It’s easy if you are feeling down
And not to smile just wear a frown
So today again I’ll make that start
Lord I thank you from my Heart


It’s Ok
When people say how are you and we say ok
Well today I’ve been thinking it’s not always the way
It’s ok to be upset and ok to be sad
The things in the news, well they are really bad
We try (well I know I do) to think of the good
And be thankful, like many as I know I should
But just for a moment well just let it out
I’m sure God won’t mind if we all have a shout
And say this is awful, and what can we do
We ask you in earnest just give us a clue
Is it ok to rant about all who are dying?
Is it ok to rant for all who are crying?
Is it ok to rant about the folk on their own?
Who perhaps who have no-one to pick up the phone?
Well God my rants over and I hope you forgive
Because I know you are seeing the way that we live
You are always there for us as much as a friend
Now in the future and right at the end

Inspiration by Judith Rowe
An air of stillness over cities and towns
No one’s about,” don’t bring out the clowns”
No laughter of Children and no Face to Face
So totally strange to our usual Rat Race
Most of the buildings lie empty, forlorn
But not in our hospitals where they work dusk till dawn
Our Doctors and Nurses are working full pace
Tending the ill and the dying all over the place
So, let us all pause from Woman to Man
And love one another as this was God’s plan
Now is the time to love not to hate
To turn back the tide, before it’s too late
And when this is over, how long that may be
We meet up with each other, and be able to see
The look on the faces of all that we meet
Of a future before us each with a blank sheet
To start off together with hope in our heart
That we have come through this, so let’s make a new start


Corona virus by Judith Rowe
C     Coming together as Christians
O    Openness with each other
R    Reflect on what’s happening
O   Offering to help
N Needing Gods Love
A Applying ourselves to different needs
V Vigilant in our Daily Lives
I In this together
R Reaching out to the Needy
U United we stand
S Staying in touch


Your truth shines bright Lord, dazzling
Chasing away the shadows of my hesitation
Stands stark, confronts me in uncomfortable clarity
And what you ask highlights the gap between the wish and the reality


My son explaining to my autistic granddaughter that they can no longer visit the shops... they only ever go to 2 shops WH Smith and then a visit to McDonalds a regular weekly treat.

Imogen says to her Dad "that's sad I will miss my friend"

Her Dad said "Who is your friend"

Imogen replied "Mr McFlurry" (The Ice Cream)

I am going to keep this in mind when I can't get something I consider important to me. 

David Ford, 24/03/2020