At the start of the day 


Today I am in a haze lord,
And wondering what to do
I seem to have lost my way
And not stayed close to you
It seems as if these last 3 weeks
Have been so hard to bear
Yet 40 days you were alone
With no-one there to care
I need to hear you say to me
Try not to be afraid
But other thought gets in the way
By you I should have stayed
The trouble is try as I might
To put on a brave face
Inside my heart in breaking
About the human race
We have had too much,
But wanted more
 and never satisfied
And turned away from you and lost
Your goodness by our side
I know that you are near me
And the problem is just me
You are always tugging at my sleeve
Saying just come back to me.
When our isolation ends Lord
And yes, I know it will
Let us hope we have the time to think
Of ways to make us still
Stop rushing round and make some time
To sit right by your side
And when you know our hopes and fears
Your arms will open wide.

Black Friday
I wanted to be there Lord when they nailed you to the Cross
I would have held your hand Lord
Whilst grieving for our loss
With crown of thorns upon your head
They spat and jeered at you
Little did they know Lord
From this you would come through
So why Lord am I feeling sad
When you will rise again
And try and help the suffering 
To take away our pain
The days when I am suffering
And everything seems black
Your arm of love comes out to me
And gently pulls me back
So, on my Black Days Lord I know
I sit and talk to you
You Listen Lord then give me words
And tell me I’ll come through

Inspirations Day 3
Another day dawns, with some slight frost
Today we search for those who are lost
And also, those who are alone
Now is the time to ring their phone
Last night Dear Lord your love shone through
As people stood just 2 by 2
We thanked the staff of Front-Line Care
And serve the public everywhere
Our hospital Staff and folk on tills
Who work and care throughout their ill’s
Your love is slowly coming through
And showing all the good you do
To all of us who’d have lost our way
With busy lives no time to Pray
Now is the time for all good needs
And look out for each other’s needs


Morning Inspiration
Another morning, another day
Now is the time to sit and pray
But no, the words today don’t flow
Perhaps I’ll have another go
I’ll make myself a cup of tea
And sit again and wait and see
But not again my mind goes blank
Not for me the Old Think Tank
And Lord I’ve so much on my mind
What Man has done to Humankind
Disease is rife and people dying
Families bereft who can’t stop crying
Bad news Bad news everywhere
I want to help; you know I care
But silly me I have been praying
Just not listening to what you’re saying
So now my thoughts are settled, calm
I’ll just be quiet, without alarm
And think of life, and not just death
Be still and feel your peaceful breath


Loving God the first thought that crossed most folks minds today would be “ We can no longer go out” We can no longer socialise ,stop and admire the view, gossip to our friends, have a coffee or go into a pub.

Now is the time to rethink our lives and appreciate what your plan was for all of us until we became too blinded by greed.
As the days go by so hopefully, we will feel a calmness surround us. We will realize what a lot of people experience each day, the one’s whose house we pass, neighbours who we know live on their own, but we just haven’t had the time to stop.
Lord let us pray that the lonely will be heard that the vulnerable people will have a voice. You created us all differently, but we assume because we are ok everyone else is. As we face a few more weeks of isolation, let us clear our minds Think of you more often and recognise what your plan was meant for us and follow the way of your Son Jesus Christ.


Loving God as we awake each day to more news about the Coronavirus, which is sweeping across the world, help us to cope and let us pray for people who are finding it difficult to cope. Self-isolation is not easy, and it is no good saying we will all get through this. Yes, hopefully we will get through it, but on the way a lot of vulnerable will feel more isolated than ever.
Teach us to think of others to make the phone calls to the people who might just want the sound of a friendly voice.
Caring God we pray for all those people still working NHS Staff all Staff in retail who are risking their own lives for the welfare of others.

This is a time in our lives which no one has experienced before, it is affecting the elderly down to the very young, we are frightened Lord and we look to you for guidance. Our hearts are telling us what to do but deep down we are not sure. All we can offer each other is prayer, and so help us to set a time each day to pray.

Lord sometimes finding the right words to say can be difficult and I know you will forgive me for quoting someone else.
Lord I come to you in wonder as I feel your love around me
I don’t know what to say.
In ordinary circumstances, I can find a word, a phrase, a joke to take away the tension of the moment.
Help people relax
But not just now
There are moments when the only thing that fits is silence
A song without a word when the music of your life floods over me
Leaving me breathless


Loving God, we praise you that you are able to do more than we can ever ask or imagine – where we can do so little, you can do so much, when we can do nothing, you can do everything. Teach us to believe that, not just with our heads but with our hearts. Amen.


Loving God, there is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a place for solemnity and a place for humour. Help us to get the balance right in our lives. Teach us to appreciate the gift of laughter, and to share it with those around us, in the name of Christ. Amen.

David Ford, 23/03/2020